The Colonnade Building

Buyers Resources

Here are a few tools and other resources that you might find helpful while looking at apartments in the Colonnade.

Mortgage Rate Calculator

One of the most helpful tools in buying a house is knowing how much your monthly payment will be. This simple worksheet can help you calculate your monthly payment. All you need to do is enter the price of the home, the length of the mortgage in years, the interest rate, and the percentage put down. Then click 'calculate payment' to see what your payments will be.

Price of Home:  (In Dollars)
Length of Mortgage:   years
Annual Interest Rate:  %
Percentage Down:  %

Square Feet to Square Meter Calculator

A square Meter Calculator can come in handy if you want to put the size of a property into perspective. Just type in how many feet you want to convert to meters and press the convert button.

Square Feet:

Closing Costs

Here are some common closing costs for co-operative apartments, condominium apartments, and townhouses. Costs can change and vary for some transactions. All information is subject to errors, omissions and changes in facts or circumstances. Always consult your attorney before signing a contract.

New York City Real Property Transfer Tax
(Paid by seller, except most sponsor sales)
Sales under $500,000: 1% of sales price
Sales under $500,000: 1% of sales price

New York State Real Property Transfer Tax
(Paid by seller, except most sponsor sales)
  0.4% of sales price

Mansion Tax
(Paid by buyer, only when price exceeds $1,000,000)
  1% of entire sales price

Title Insurance
(Paid by buyer, condominium/townhouse only)
  Approx. 0.5% - 0.8% of purchase price

Mortgage Tax
(Paid by buyer, condominium/townhouses only, if financing)
Sales under $500,000: 1.8% of entire mortgage
Sales under $500,000: 1.925% of entire mortgage

Miscellaneous Expenses
  Legal fees, bank costs, managing agent/building fees, flip tax

Broker Commission

Helpful Links

Here are some links to other helpful resources for people buying or renting in the Colonnade. The first link is to the Corcoran Report. The Corcoran Report is the industry standard for mesuring the pulse of the Real Estate market. Please click here for the most current report. Should you have any questions specifically about most recent sales or rentals at The Colonnade please feel free to contact me anytime.